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xXx Claim A Wrestler xXx

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Welcome to Claim A Wrestler


1: One Wrestler per member unless you make something, then you can have two wrestlers.
2: You can't claim a tag team (ex. T & A or The Dudley Boys).
3: You can choose either a wrestler, valet, diva or past wrestlers.
4: Check the claim list before claiming a wrestler/diva. They could already be claimed.
5: Dont start any fights with other memebers. If you do, then you will be deleted and ban from the claim.
6: In case, I dont know who the wrestler/diva is, please inform me about where the person is or a website about them, It will help me alot.
7: Be nice and have fun.
8: Add a claim code after you post to claim a wrestler. It will be good :)
9:: If you read all the rules, on the subject line for the post, write in "Get The F out" and then I know you read the rules!" :)
10:: Now thats not hard! hehehe
11:: Join Join Join.

/claim List

/WWE Wrestlers

Randy Orton was claimed by Snickers12
Shelton Benjamin was claimed by Sairbear
Kurt Angle was claimed by Sairbear
Shawn Michaels was claimed by Whatyouwant_
Matt Hardy was claimed by roguish
Jeff Hardy was claimed by _kinkster
John Cena was claimed by _kinster
Triple H was clamed by -sellmysoul_
Chris Jericho was claimed by sellmysoul_
John Cena was claimed by -h0pelessxl0ser
Rey Mysterio Jr was claimed by - p0sin0us_Kisses
Raven was claimed by -morbidxlilxdoll
Matt Cappotelli (The Flava) was claimed by _xgirlfixer
The Hardyswere claimed by MizzyHardy

/WWE Divas/Valents

Dawn Marie was claimed by Snickers12

/WCW Wrestlers

/WCW Divas/Valents



1) Mandy for the Biography code! Thanks sweetie .